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Mission, Vision, & Values


To provide unique, first class entertainment and speaker talent to our clients in a manner that conveys integrity, expertise and excellent service.

To create a culture that fosters mutual respect, positive outcomes, teamwork, personal and professional development and advancement in individual journeys.


To be sought out by corporations, casinos, and associations in need of professional entertainment and speakers.

To provide comprehensive services to these clients while maintaining a successful business.

To value employees and clients with integrity and respect.

To be strong corporate citizens within the communities we serve.

Core Values:

Our Core Values serve as the foundation upon which our team conducts business and builds client relationships.

Integrity: being honest and fair in aligning client’s needs with equitable talent while maintaining a profitable business.

Excellence: striving to always provide first class services and top quality talent to our clients.

Professionalism: conducting ourselves in a manner that respects our clients and team, conveys expertise in the field we are in and provides an example to others of how a business prospers in a servant leadership model.

Citizenship: being a model corporate citizen with time and investment in the communities we live, work, and serve.